Scheduling Posts in Google Classroom

Tired of saving your drafts in Google Classroom and posting them manually? If you know when you need a post to go live, Google Classroom released a scheduling feature today. Simply post your announcement or assignment and, as seen below, you can schedule a time for your post to go live.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 18.20.24

After clicking ‘Schedule’ you can set the time you want your post to hit your stream(s).

While you might not always know for sure when you need to schedule a post, this is great for when you do know. I’ve had days when I am out of the classroom and I leave sub work on Google Classroom for my students. Now, I can simply put in the time that my students will enter the room, and the assignment will be posted as they enter the room! This keeps the element of surprise, so your students don’t see information before it is appropriate.

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