Author: Alex Lamon

Brainstorming Race

Brainstorming race is a Google Docs add-on worth looking into if you’re interested in facilitating the brainstorming process to become more fun and effective. It works seamlessly with ensuring editing rights are properly administered, and integrates with Google Forms. Check out the video for more.

Why I love Google: Responsiveness

Google just recently added a scheduling feature that allows users to schedule any assignment or announcement in Classroom. This post isn’t about that feature. This post is about Google’s responsiveness to user feedback.

I was one of the users who requested a scheduling feature from Google. The day they added the feature, I received an email from Google announcing the feature:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 18.12.01

Google has been on the forefront in Educational Technology. The fact that they contact their users, the day the requested feature is released is a testament to their dedication to the #EdTech sector. If you’d like to make a suggestion for Google Classroom, just click the ‘?’ button on the bottom left of your Classroom’s stream.


Scheduling Posts in Google Classroom

Tired of saving your drafts in Google Classroom and posting them manually? If you know when you need a post to go live, Google Classroom released a scheduling feature today. Simply post your announcement or assignment and, as seen below, you can schedule a time for your post to go live.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 18.20.24

After clicking ‘Schedule’ you can set the time you want your post to hit your stream(s).

While you might not always know for sure when you need to schedule a post, this is great for when you do know. I’ve had days when I am out of the classroom and I leave sub work on Google Classroom for my students. Now, I can simply put in the time that my students will enter the room, and the assignment will be posted as they enter the room! This keeps the element of surprise, so your students don’t see information before it is appropriate.


Apps You Could Be Using: Canva (Review)


I’m a big fan of Canva – this website allows your students to design anything without having any coding or Photoshop skills.

Canva is an industry tool.

While using Canva in my Introduction to Business course, of my Sophomores explained how his sister, a marketing consultant, uses Canva every week to produce professional looking graphics. Canva is also a top contender in creating basic infographics – a form of data communication that is especially popular on social media.

Features & Application in the Classroom

They can jump right in! After signing up, students can create banners, basic inforgraphics, posters, ads, and anything imaginable. One unique application that can work for any class: students research a topic individually, and present their findings in a digital poster made in Canva. This allows students to be creative in their presentation of their knowledge. These designs can be shared and printed, and students can do a gallery walk to learn more about the other students’ topics – all from their Canva designs.

What to know before jumping in

Canva does have some premium photos, but any Google Image can be imported into the site for free. Undoubtably, your students will try to use paid images during their first usage. Model for them that they should only use images that say ‘Free’ and teach them to import images from Google into Canva, for limitless possibilities.

If you don’t want to create an account, check out some of the interface and examples of what Canva can create here.